Stake it till you Make it


What is Staking on TomoChain?

Staking (also called Voting) TOMO is a vote of confidence in securing the TomoChain network by selecting and supporting the most credible Masternodes. Since, only the top 150 most voted on Masternodes can participate in the network, staking participation plays an important role in the function of the entire TomoChain Blockchain.
PoSV (Proof of Stake Voting) consensus enables staking activity within TomoChain system. PoSV is essentially a democratic system in which Masternode operators are elected. Voting power is determined by the amount of TOMO staked into each
Masternode. Thus, Masternode Candidates are made to compete with each other to gain popularity with stakers and prove their competency as Masternode operators.

Why stake TOMO?

So Why Stake Your TOMO?

Staking TOMO will not only help strengthen TomoChain’s decentralized network
but will also help you gain lucrative rewards!
Coin locked (%)53%79%12%48%76%46%
Number of Validators15033272110036
Masternode annual ROI
up to
Staking annual ROI
up to
Set-up Complexityeasyeasyeasyhardhardeasy
Reward Frequencyapprox. 30 minutes2 days & 20 hoursdailydepends on fullnode ownersdaily7 days

How it works

Group 5150
Only 150 nodes can be elected as Masternodes on the network.
Group 7
TOMO holders controls which full-nodes can create, verify and validate new blocks in TomoChain’s platform.
Group 12
Masternodes are elected by the TomoChain community, where TOMO holders vote for one or several Masternode Candidates by sending TOMO through a smart contract mechanism.

Staking tutorial


TOMO Cheat Sheet #1 — Staking with TOMO

As there are several meanings for “stake”, staking TOMO conveys a little bit of both definitions. Staking is marking off your property and showing your TOMO ownership. In this article we will introduce a list of means and platform in which you can stake TOMO and generate profit.

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Other platforms where you can stake your TOMO


Frequently asked questions

What is a Masternode in TomoChain ecosystem?

Masternodes are full-nodes that create, verify and validate new blocks in TomoChain’s platform.

Which Masternode(s) should I vote for?

As a general rule, optimize your staking rewards by voting for Masternodes with lower capacity (having fewer votes). Each Masternode has the same absolute amount of rewards which is distributed equally by the number of votes on the Masternode. So, as more votes are placed on the same Masternode, the staking reward is divided further among them and therefore one vote receives fewer rewards.

That said, if a Masternode Candidate falls below the top 150 most voted, it loses its Masternode status and automatically stops earning rewards entirely. If it cannot get back into the top 150, you will need to unvote and wait for 96 epochs (approx 2 days) to be able to vote again. During this process no rewards will be earned. So though the rewards can be higher when voting for lower-ranked Masternodes, monitoring them regularly is a must.

Voting for higher-ranked nodes with more votes on them earn fewer rewards, but can be safer to earn consistent rewards since they are less likely to fall out of the Top 150.

Ultimately, voters should consider voting for Masternodes which are fully capable and committed to the overall health of TomoChain’s ecosystem in the long-run.

When are rewards paid out?

Rewards are paid out every epoch (1 epoch = 900 blocks, approx. 30 minutes).

How long will my tokens be locked after unvoting?

You can un-vote from a Masternode whenever you wish to, but the tokens will be locked for the next 48 hours (86,400 blocks) after un-voting. This locking period is designed to promote the stability of the Masternode system

How can I check my staking rewards?

You can check your Masternode staking rewards using TomoWallet. Alternatively, you can use TomoMaster or TomoScan.

Stake, Earn and make TOMO Great!